Beautiful Plant Designs For Any Space

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Natural plants have the power to transform your space into a beautiful, green environment that improves air quality, enhances the health and wellbeing of your staff and tenants, and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our custom designs for any size business are distinctive in style and made to reflect the specific needs and brand of each client we serve.


What We Offer

Fine Interior Scape starts planning your installation within hours of your call. Our design portfolio and services are perfect for any business size. Just pick up the phone, we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Live Plant Sales
  • Tropical Plant Displays
  • Landscaping & Garden Services
  • Seasonal Planters & Patios
  • Living Green Walls
  • Holiday Decor

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We Design

When you call Fine Interior Scape, we create the perfect solution for your space and brand.

  • Concept design unique to your space
  • Detailed assessment and execution
  • Designs for multiple sites

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We Install

Our technicians bring your space to life with a custom installation.

  • Plants delivered to your door
  • Site inspection before installation
  • Arrangements to match your design specifications
  • A cohesive look for multiple sites

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We Maintain

We stand behind all of our plants and provide ongoing maintenance services.

  • All plants are Guaranteed
  • Plant Upgrade Programs
  • Plant maintenance done by certified technicians
  • Large project capabilities

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