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Tropical Plant & Tree Settings for Ottawa-Gatineau

What IS a Tropical Plant Setting?

Tropical plants are indigenous to the tropics, regions that surround the equator. A tropical plant setting is a carefully designed showcase of creativity and imagination using these tropically indigenous plants. Anyone can put a tropical plant or two in the lobby, but arranging them to impress visitors or tenants takes care and expertise.

First Impressions Count

Whether it’s your office or your downtown high-rise condo—first impressions count. A great way to improve the indoor appeal of your prized property is by adding specially designed tropical plant settings to the common areas.

Tropical plants come in all shapes and sizes! The right combination of colours and shapes can make any public space more desirable. Bright, vibrant colours make for fantastic accents inside buildings that seem drab.

These settings also make a great complement for Living plant Walls

Tropical Plant Settings by Fine Interior Scape

Tropical plant settings can be modest or lavish, large or small. Our team of talented professionals specializes in creating just the right look to enhance the appeal of your facility.

High-quality plant scapes can also help improve the health and well being of the people who frequent your building. That’s just another great reason to contact us today to get started!