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Looking for plants for your office but not sure what you need. Below is a simple and easy selection for you to choose from.


Small Office Plant Package

  • Includes 4 plants and pots.
  • 1 floor plant and 3 desktop plants


Medium Office Package

  • Includes 6 plants and pots
  • 2 Floor Plants and 4 desktop plants


Large Office Package

  • Includes 10 plants and pots
  • 4 Floor Plants and 6 desktop plants


Looking for something extra like a live wall or Live Picture Frame. Have a look at these items below.


Smart Wall Cabinet (Plants not included)


Fully contained system that does not require any special water or drain connections. 


202cm H x 105cm W x 38cm D – 16 sq/ft
79 1/2” H x 41 1/4” W x 15” D
Utilizes ninety-six 4” potted plants (plants not included)

E-Z Wall Kit (Plants not included)


Easy to assemble with included parts on pre-cut backing and trim. Simply attach or hang on a wall. 


103cm H x 124cm W x 20cm D
42 1/2” H x 49” W x 8” D
Utilizes seventy-two 4” potted plants (plants not included)

  Accent Frame



he Accent Frame can be mounted both vertically or horizontally.


96cm H x 60cm W x 10cm D
38” H x 24” W x 4” D
Utilizes eighteen 4” potted plants (plants not included)