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Living Plant and Moss Walls for Ottawa-Gatineau

What is a Living Plant Wall?

A living plant wall is sometimes called a green wall, vegetated wall, or vertical garden. It’s also exactly what it sounds like—a vertical panel with a growing medium and a variety of plants. Living plant walls are an excellent way to improve the aesthetic appeal and air quality of large public spaces, such as lobbies or wide corridors.

Improving Human Health

Ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome? If you haven’t, don’t worry… you’re not alone! The causes of health and wellness issues in people linked to a building’s indoor environment can be difficult to identify. Living plant walls have been shown to help alleviate the severity of Sick Building Syndrome in certain cases by improving indoor air quality and other environmental factors.

Living Plant Walls by Fine Interior Scape

Living plant walls come in a variety of types, with different suitabilities for different applications. Some living plant walls include solutions for automatically watering the plants, and some will gently force air through the wall to help circulate fresher air throughout the area. Some living walls will even connect with a building’s HVAC system to help improve your indoor air quality!

(Called ‘active’ living walls)

There’s a living plant wall solution for every budget, every size and every building. If you’re interested in having one designed and installed in your facility, get started by contacting us today!