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Green Roofs, Rooftop Patios & Gardens for Ottawa-Gatineau

Photo of a Green Roof

What is a Green Roof, Patio or Garden?

The term ‘green roof’ has nothing to with the colour of what’s on top of your building. Green roofs are a carefully designed addition to an existing structure’s roof (though they can also be installed as part of a new build). Similar to living plant walls, green roofs include a growing medium and carefully selected plants that are bred to withstand the environmental conditions of a rooftop in urban areas.

Saving Money + Cooling Cities

There are two fantastic benefits to having a green roof installed on your building!

Green Roofs Reduce Operating Costs

Not only do green roofs look pleasing to the eye, they save on operating and capital costs over the lifespan of a building. Green roofs have been shown to double, or even triple, the lifespan of a building’s roof! A properly installed green roof will shield the waterproofing membrane from ultraviolet and physical damage, thus improving its longevity.

Green roofs also reduce heating and cooling costs by increasing insulation on the roof year-round. This helps keep heat in during the winter months, and keep it out during the summer ones.

Green Roofs Help Cool Cities

Fifteen years ago, a study at the University of Toronto showed that green roofs help mitigate what’s known as the Urban Heat Island effect. The Urban Heat Island effect creates a hotter climate in urban areas, usually due to heat from the sun’s rays becoming trapped in roads, concrete, and glass. Instead of trapping heat from the sun’s rays like traditional roofs, the plants on the green roof convert sunlight into energy they need to grow.

Extensive research in the United States has suggested that if the majority of roofs in urban areas were green, urban temperatures would drop by as much as seven degrees in the hottest months.

Green Roofs by Fine Interior Scape

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of green roofs for commercial buildings—large and small. Our talented team of professionals is passionate about saving you money and improving the quality of life in our city.

If you’re interested in having one designed and installed on your facility, get started by contacting us today!